Dienstag, 17. September 2013


Barney is adopted

Barney is a Golden Retriever Puppy. He measures about 6.3" (16 cm) from the tip of his paws to the top of his head when he is standing. His length is about 9.5" (24 cm) - without tail.

Barney's fur is a wonderful Steiff-Schulte alpaca. I stuffed him with natural sheep wool.
His paws are of soft dark brown leather, the nose is sculpted of clay and painted in black.
He has an open/close mouth with two white teeth (also sculpted of clay) and a sweet small tongue.
His eyes are of black German glass.
Barney's face is scissors- & needle sculpted and shaded by hand in order to create this special expression. 

His legs are jointed and in addition wired for a maximum of both: flexibility and stability.
Instead of a neck joint Barney has a lockline running from his head to his tail - like a spine. He can move his head up and down and side to side (and everywhere in between). So his poses look very realistic - and he can excellently sit, stand and much more...

Barney will come to you with his orange leather dog collar, his leach, his violet velvet ribbon and his birth certificate including a cute photo.
Of course he was born in a smokefree home.

Please note: Barney is for the adult collector only and not suitable for children to play with.

To design Barney took many many hours of work, and even more hours in studying (and developping own) techniques of handcrafting a puppy like him.

Barney was not created according to existing patterns, but designed only after photos and sketches - exclusively by myself and just by hand. So he is a real OOAK


  1. )))))))Да он как настоящий)))Чудо))))

  2. Елена пасиб! Я им так горжусь:-)

  3. Your little puppy is delightful. You must be so pleased with him.