Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2014



Louis is a black french bulldog. He is adopted.

He is about 17 cm (7 inches) tall when sitting.
His fur is a gorgous soft viscose and he is stuffed with natural sheep wool (and steel shots for weight). Louis' arms and legs are jointed and wired, and he has a lockline running from his head to his back.
He can move the head up and down and side to side (and everywhere in between). 
His nose is sculpted of clay and painted, and I gave him realistic brown glass eyes. The pawpads of his hind feet were made of five small pieces of leather each - a delicate job!
Louis was gently shaded by hand, his face is scissors- and needle sculpted.
I created an Elizabethian collar with many layers of silk and vintage lace for his perfect appearence :)
Of course he grew up in a smokefree home.

Please note: Louis is for the adult collector only and not suitable for children to play with due to small parts that could be swallowed!


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