Freitag, 28. August 2015



Amitola is adopted.

Amitola is a white polar bear cub with a wonderful soft Steiff-Schulte fur (plush).
She is about 20 cm (8") when sitting.
Her face is trimmed and shaded by hand, and she has black German Glass eyes. She has an open/close mouth with a cute tiny tongue and six filigree teeth (polymer clay).

Amitola is four way jointed, her arms and legs are wired. She has a lockline running through her body, so she can pose in many different ways.
Among other things she is able to move her head up and down and everywhere in between.
Her leather paw pads are needle and scissors sculpted.
I stuffed her with cotton and some steel granulate for weight.

The little girl is wearing a pink tulle skirt - like a ballerina.

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