Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2015

Xiao Lan

Panda Xiao Lan

Xiao Lan is adopted.

Xiao Lan is a cute Panda boy. He is about 22 cm tall when sitting.

His fur is an extremely soft Steiff-Schulte plush. I shaded his face by hand and gave him black german glass eyes. Xiao Lan has a black painted nose formed of clay, and his leather paws are scissors- and needle sculpted.

Xiao Lan is four way jointed, his arms and legs are wired. He has a lockline running through his body, so he can pose in many different ways. He is able to move his head up and down and everywhere in between.

I filled Xiao Lan with cotton and some steel shots for weight.

Of course Xiao Lan grew up in a smoke free home. He is looking for an adult collector because he has small parts that children could swallow. He was completely handmade by myself.

When Xiao Lan is travelling to his new home he will bring his certificate of authenticity including a cute photo. He will be packed most carefully and his journey will be fully insured.
Panda Xiao Lan
Panda Xiao LanPanda Xiao Lan


  1. Очаровательный малыш!!!!!!!!

  2. Невероятно милый!!!!! Хочется его скорее обнять и в носик чудесный поцеловать!