Sonntag, 29. April 2012

Benny my little bee hunter :-) has been adopted to Norway!

Benny is my sweet little bee hunter. That`s why he is always carrying his pink scoop with him which I made from tulle and a thin wire. Also the bee`s wings consist of tulle and very fine wire, so they are flexible. I framed them with embroidery thread (all in all a quite filigree job :-)) ... Benny`s fur is Steiff-Schulte antique viscose, his eyes are black German glass. For more expression I carefully needle felted his eye lids. His small nose is embroidered and his face is gently shaded by hand with pastel. His tummy is filled with polyfill and steel shots and he is five way jointed so that he can pose in many different ways. Benny`s paws are embroidered. I made aquamarine blue linen trousers with a white silk ribbon for him.

Benny is completely handmade by myself and he is, like all my bears, an absolute OOAK! 


  1. ти какой славный малыш!!!любопытный исследователь жизни!!!

  2. как интересно-а он бабочку поймает???
    такой милашка!!!

  3. А бабочка то на носу...!!!Милая композиция!

  4. Benny ist so ein Süßer ;o)

    Liebe Grüße

  5. Господи какой же он милый!!!

  6. Боже мой,какой же он сладкий!
    Умиляет бабочка на носу ;-)
    Хи-хи...ну,точно наш Алекси -исследователь жизни :-)

  7. Какая прелесть*) Чудо...лапуличка)