Freitag, 20. April 2012

Jerome will travel to Saint-Petersburg - and in autumn he will move with his mom to London...

Well this is Jerome, a cute little bear boy of 16 cm. His fur is simply gorgous - I cannot stop stroking this wonderful Steiff-Schulte silk mohair... I gave Jerome black German glass eyes, and for even more expression I carefully needle felted his eye lids. His small nose is embroidered and his face is gently shaded by hand. For weight I filled him with polyfill and steel shots and he is five way jointed for multiple posing. Furthermore I sculpted nice needle felted paw pads for him. He is wearing a long lime-green scarf whose colour forms a beautiful contrast to his hazel fur.

Jerome is completely handmade by myself and he is, like all my bears, an absolute OOAK! 


  1. Какое чудо!! Все больше люблю твоих малышей :) Чудесные они!

  2. Какой уютный косолапик...Хочется затискать и зацеловать!

  3. Love him :) Ordered him on BearPile, waiting for your response :)

  4. he is a wonderful bear, i hope the tour is nice for him
    hugs from sylvia