Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013


Linnea is adopted

Linnea is a cute bear girl with fur from extremely soft Steiff-Schulte silk mohair. I shaded her sweet face with the black German glass eyes by hand. Her eye lids are needle felted.
I sculpted her nose from clay, painted it in black and finally varnished it. I gave her paws of cashemere.
Linnea is five way jointed, and for even better posing her arms and legs are wired.
She is filled with natural sheep wool and steel shots for weight.

Like all my bears Linnea is OOAK and will not be replicated by me.

She grew up in a smoke free home and she needs an adult collector because she has small parts children could swallow.

When Linnea travels to her new family she will bring her certificate of authenticity. She will be most carefully packed and her journey will be fully insured so that everybody should handle her with care. 


  1. Какая милашка!!!а какая пушистенькая!!!

    1. Оленька, она шелковая, мягкая-мягкая!

  2. Очень хорошая мишенка :-) Такие цветочки красивые!!!Думаем,что мама найдется быстро ;-) Удачи,малышка!!!


  3. Марина, она же девочкаааа....:-)))Наряжаться любит!

  4. Чудесная малышка!!!! Обаяшечка))))

  5. Елена, да, и лишние кг не мешают обаянию:-))))