Sonntag, 31. März 2013



Brutus has a gorgous Steiff-Schulte faux fur (plush), black German glass eyes and a nose sculpted of clay. I shaded his face by hand and stuffed him with natural sheep wool. For weight he has steel shots in his tummy. Brutus is five way jointed, arms and legs are wired.
During daytime he is wearing his leather collar to which he can fix his leach with a filigree snap hook.
Due to the fact that our communication used to be more or less unilateral, Brutus crafted two signs in order to be able to tell me about the real imprtant things in his life...

Brutus will come with his certificate of authenticity including a cute photo - and he will travel very carefully packed and fully insured.
Brutus grew up in a smokefree home - please note: Due to small parts that could be swallowed, Brutus is not suitable for little children.  


  1. Яночка :-) ! Он,просто,ГЕНИАЛЬНЫЙ!!!!Браво!Браво!Браво! При таком размере-такое ОБАЯНИЕ ;-)

  2. От радости подписаться забыла))) Марина (см.выше)

    1. Марин, анонимом только ты у меня и пишешь:-)

  3. Мариночка спасибо:-)Когда нибудь наберусь духа о сошью Мопса или двух:-))))Двух голодных мопсов!:-)

  4. ЭТО ПРОСТО ЧУДО!!! Какой же он красивый и...настоящий!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Какой упитанный песик! Просто душка! )))

  6. Натали, дааааа кушать мы любим!;-)